Memorial Day

Memorial Day

Today I feel grateful for the many women and men that have fought to defend the freedoms that I, too often, take for granted.

My paternal Grandfather, Felix Bedont, was a Staff Sergeant stationed in Texas during the Korean War. Recently my maternal Grandfather, George Keil, passed away. He was stationed in Italy during WWII. From both sides of my family there is a strong sense of duty to God and country that I hope that I can add to in some small way.

So today as we go about our holiday activities, my hope is that we all pause to remember those who have sacrificed much to protect our nation. These are noble men and women.
TRUE Heroes.

Happy Memorial Day!!


BJ Bedont


About rbedont

I'm a husband, father, and brother. I'm a professional musician, teacher, and doctoral student. That sounded like those "I'm a Mormon" commercials. Oh ya, I'm one of those too. I like to cook - it's much cheaper than going to a shrink. I envision this blog as a hodgepodge of all of those things, plus some shenanigans.
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