Kids say stuff

Okay – So my kids are always saying things that make me wonder. I mean, I say weird things too, but nothing like the kids.

Here is an example –
Today after school child #2 asks child #1: Did your teacher have two braids in her hair today?
child #1: Ya, with the blue shirt.
#2: You’re right, she does kind of look like a zombie!
#1: Yep, she has a white face!

My favorite lately though is when child #3 (2 years old) yells: “HEY – STOP IT!”

My kids are the best.  🙂



About rbedont

I'm a husband, father, and brother. I'm a professional musician, teacher, and doctoral student. That sounded like those "I'm a Mormon" commercials. Oh ya, I'm one of those too. I like to cook - it's much cheaper than going to a shrink. I envision this blog as a hodgepodge of all of those things, plus some shenanigans.
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